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International kids representation - in direct booking or through partner agencies

Aggiornamento: 19 set 2023

First of all I want to thank you, thank you because even if I’ve never wrote any information in English you trust Casting kids studios. It’s time to introduce my self and give more information for all the kids from all over the world searching for a kids model agency in Italy. I’m whom is writing is naomi sally owner and founder of casting kids studios, which is part of the santangelo media production company based in Naples, south Italy. Over the last years the kids represented in this contemporary and unique agency have been modelling in Italy and abroad for breathtaking projects. Italian kids fashion brands and also international and European kids fashion brands trusted our company and booked new faces and top models for their kids fashion campaigns and fashion editorials. Due to our strong believe in cooperation and international networking over the years we brought many international models to Italy, especially from Russia, France and Spain. As well we’ve produced many campaigns all around Europe, in Asia and also in the States; in New York and in L.A. always including local talents and scouting outstanding kid Models. The last two years haven’t been easy due to pandemic emergency and I want to thank our partners for keeping by our side and being always positive and trusting in better times To come. Now it seems that good times are back and Casting kids studios is stepping into the new year with strong connections, trusted partners, and also many new partners and especially with an amazing international kids model board. if you are based abroad and your desire is to be represented by casting kids studios the Italian kids model agency then feel free to submit your inquiry by using this form;

this form is indicated for whoever desires to be represented by a leading kids models agency in Italy, but it’s only destined to kids with no exclusive contract with an other agency for Europe.

All the kids represented by agencies are also welcomed to join our modelboard but throughout the intermediation of their exclusive agency. i will be happy to process requests from any agency interested in collaborations as long as I don’t have already an exclusive contract with an agency from the same area or country. For any request as from agencies and bookers please text to

last but not least don’t trust any italian agency or agent asking for a large amount of money for the submission or by online payment in advance without knowing or meeting the model, many are over promising and guarantee work. As Italian working laws are really severe and restrictive Don’t trust any agent or agency without credentials. Always remember that models in Italy get payed to work and so whoever asks money to let you join fashion shows, editorials or fashion shootings is acting against the local laws.

so be aware and make a good choice, and as well, keep really anchored to your local agency, nobody can represent you better then a local trusted business partner. international connections are precious and may be a wonderful and funny way to grow and have super fashion experiences- but never stop focusing on the local fashion industry. As well consider, always, that every country has local agencies, that are into local laws and customs, fees and shooting conditions such as minum or maximum hours, minimum and maximum rates, so we recommend to join agencies that are part of international networks BECAUSE no agency, not even the most seducing, over promising, captivating agency can provide their models with jobs in every country. Maybe they can offer some international opportunities; but no one ever will be leading in many different markets.

I hope this short introduction is helpful for anyone reading, feel free to get in touch and most of all lets get connected


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